Top 5 Tips for Effectively Managing Infobesity

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Here’s your situation right now

–       You are researching, uncovering and finding new information but you feel as if you are entering a bottomless pit. There are diverging views and endless debates prevailing in your company but you are unsure of what advice to take and what decisions you should make.

But there’s one thing that is clear


You want to find out what genuinely works and you want to proceed with it.

But, things are just not going your way. No matter how much you read, watch and listen to, the clarity that you are sourcing out for is just not coming to you.

You probably end up being more confused than you are now.

This can bring you to a stop. We’ve all been there and here are the tips you might consider when you are experiencing information overload.


  1. Restrict your sources

Pay attention to those who talk the talk and walk the walk. Seek out those who aren’t just saying it, but are living it.

Discipline yourself and try to focus on maximum 5 information sources per topic from credible sources. Regularly conduct online social listening (noting down their thoughts and stories) from your top 5 sources and organize them onto a list. This allows you to keep up to date with the latest trends and industry talks.

Alternatively, you can check out other quality and trustworthy sources as well, such as your industry blogs. Conduct similar procedures as above to keep yourself in trend and constantly arming yourself with knowledge.




  1. Stop Compulsive Learning

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Your task is to obtain information A. However, along the way, you chance upon information B, C, D which are high quality and useful information for marketers like us. You are interested and so, you open multiple tabs on your webpages on your browser.


So, the question is, do you really need that information at the moment? It may feel productive for you because you are learning. But in fact, you are wasting your time.

My advice is then, you keep in view that piece of information and shelve it away (bookmarked it, favourite it, share it, have a mental note on it).

Focus on the present.

Get back on your track and be laser focus on what you need.


  1.     Refrain from multitasking

We can’t stress this enough. Multitasking constraint you to make a decision fast; whether a not you should answer, ignore, what and how to respond, if you should proceed with your current task or respond to the disruption. All these little decisions exhaust your energy and causes you to lose focus on your present task. Also, switching between tasks had proven to result in you being exhausted, disoriented and distressed.



Engage yourself in the central executive mode on one task.

Be productive.


  1. Go on a silence diet

Cognitive-load theory states that our brains have only that much bandwidth, so to best maximize our information input, we must also limit it. Being selective in what information to consume improves our information intake and since most of the information we came across are in the form of words, limiting our language helps.Retreating from the word, even for a moment, revitalize and enliven us with a fresh new perspective. Our relationship with language changed for the better. We speak, write, read and listen more mindfully when we take a step back and this will also improve our business negotiations and relationship with others.


  1. Have a little faith

Trust that you are not missing out much. If the story is big enough, it probably has enough coverage and you will hear it one way or another. If you do miss out on something, remember that it’s how life work anyway. Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.



Till next time,


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