How to make a social media marketing plan

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In this new age of digital relationship, social influencer marketing becomes so popular and it extends well beyond recommendations from friends and families into the age of influencer marketing. It can be seen in different platforms utilise by different brands that range from the small blogshops to major luxury brands. According to some statistics, the amount that brands are spending on influencers on Instagram can be well over $1 billion per year, this businesses get a higher retention rate using influencer marketing as compared to those that don’t.


So what’s a social media influencer ? It basically someone that carriers influence over others through the use of social media which is similar to celebrity endorsements but even regular people have become online “celebrities” in certain segments which people look up to.

In this article, we will brief you through with tips for your business to utilise and create effective influencer marketing campaign.


1) Know your “consumers”

You need to understand and know who’s your target audiences in specific small groups of people to understand their needs, wants and desire so that the message send out by your selected influencers can come across clearer towards the targeted group. This can help you identify the correct influencer in the small targeted group which they can relate, lookup and associates with so that the influencer’s campaign can turn out genuine and relatable.


2) Start with the end in mind

You need to have a clear business objectives and goals in mind, it can consist of what you want to achieve from this influencer marketing strategy e.g getting more reach to potential consumers? increase your sales through this collaboration?

With all this objective in mind, this can help to determine the amount of budget you need to set aside to reach your goals. This can be done by keeping the key performance indicators (KPIs) in check to maximise the effectiveness of the campaign.

It can consists of:

– Views

– Engagement

– Sales

– Increase in followers

– Audience Reach

3) Getting the right fit with the right influencer

It’s important to find the right fit for the campaign, to ensure that he or she really represent your brand and when audiences view the content they can feel the genuine connection between the influencers and your brand.

It’s also very important to take note that the influencer’s value align with your social media program, so that this way it can bring more good and positively in the long-run.

Furthermore, you need to strategize which influencer to reach out to and look beyond just the big people in the industry and focus on reaching out to influencers who have the biggest number of people who are in your specific targeted audiences which can give you higher ROI.


4) Let the influencer decide on the content for the post

It’s completely normal for your business to wants to craft out the content to be posted out by the influencers but it’s better for influencer to decide what to post since each influencer know their own audience best, they have worked hard on building an online reputation and creating a certain imagine so if you take too much control over how they present about your brand/ product/ service, it’ll make the content looks too generic or “fake” and this won’t resonate well with your targeted audiences.

So marketers should not be afraid to hand over the creative freedom to their influencers because influencer marketing is about being personal and authentic, so business’s owner can provide guidelines or past-works of previous collaborations with other influencers as references for the current collaboration.

5) Track, Measure and Analyse

Lastly, it’s important for your business to track the results and analyse the effectivness to ensure that you get the most returns based on the intiation objectives and goals that your business have set in mind. This will help to determine your future colloboration with the influencers and help you find out which method works and which doesn’t.

In total, influencer marketing can help to increase brand awareness however it’s also important for business to keep your website and social media presence updated. Since more customers will check your sites after an influencer starts promoting your brand, however business should not solely rely on influencer marketing for your business.

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