6 Biggest Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing strategy involves creation of online materials like the blogs and social media posts etc. which can help to generate interest products or services to promote a brand and it’s one of the most effective marketing strategies available today, however it can be pretty challenging and there are a few common mistakes that many marketers tend to make.

Read on to find out on how you can avoid this common mistakes.


1) Content

Some marketers tend to made the mistakes of preferring quantity over quality when it comes to contents which can results in generating poor contents that’s not well-received by the audiences as audiences can easily distinguish between content written solely for SEO purposes and value-based content. But that doesn’t mean you should disregard SEO, however it’s important to add value first before worrying about SEO.

Content for content’s sake will not gain you any subscribers or fans, it’ll most likely result in losing subscribers and brand equity in process. As such, it’s better for business to have a quality blog post with tons of value and actionable information that can sparks interest and engagement among audiences. Business’ first priority should always be great content that adds value and educates readers, everything else comes after that.

Here’s a few areas that can help marketers to improve the content through having a consistent style, looking out for typos and incorporating relevant images in the posts.


2) Your Content Isn’t Helpful

“63% of customers don’t feel understood by the brands they love” – IBM, 2015.

Some marketers fail to gets in the head of the users which lead to a huge gap between business’s perception about their consumers and what their consumers really wants, causing the marketing efforts to goes to waste by creating the wrong contents that does not attracts your targeted audiences. Instead, marketers should focus on understanding and put needs of consumer’s first before crafting the content so that readers can spend quality time reading the content posted which they will find the content useful and help audiences gain knowledge, this also increase the engagement rates and ROI as readers will be more likely to share content that are relatable to their circle of friends.


3) Selling instead of teaching

Some marketers tend to focus their content on hard-selling and neglects to educate their consumers before selling their items which isn’t the right way to the consumers’ mind. Since marketers tends to want to see the result fast and believe that using content with a more immediate acquisition hook is the correct way to get some short term ROI, however that’s not what the audiences came to your site for.

Instead they wanted to read content that helps them do their job or solves their problems as such it’s more effective to teach the readers and direct them to the products/ services to reach out for help, this will help your business to reach the goals of having people sharing your content to help your business to look like an expert who gets paid to perform services related or sell related products.

However, it’s also crucial not to neglect having a “call to action” at the button of the content which provides the audiences access to the next step but it must be related to the content that they have just viewed which can be done via building pathways along the content to lead to the final “call to action”


4) Your Content Isn’t Optimized To Your Target Social Channel

Social media platform is a great way to market your content out to more audiences and gain exposure, however all social media channels are different in some forms. E.g. Instagram, audiences tend to prefer creative photos or videos with interesting caption that can be understand immediately whereas Facebook’s user prefer content that they can “like” or “share” and comment on in depth with friends that have similar interest.

Some marketers do not take the time to craft out or adjust the content of their post on different social media platforms which can result in posting contents on platforms that seems generic and does not interest the audiences.


5) : You aren’t using SEO to enhance marketing efforts

Marketers often fail to notice the importance of using SEO and content marketing simulatneously, however it’s also important to note that SEO is not the only thing that matters in content marketing since it has evolved overtime.

There are also more than 2 millions blog posts written daily as such business cannot solely rely on SEO to increase reach however it can be use to increase ranking. So it’s important for marketers, to use something different in order to create a point of difference to help brand stand out which make it no longer just about engines but about users as well.

However, there are some advantages of incoporating SEO in content marketing as this is what will help to drive traffic and lower the customers acquisition efforts. It’s more than just getting the right keywords or phrases to land on the top spots of the search engine, it’s to take note of the specific keywords that your business are targeting and using it consistently throughout the page to enhance the effect.


6) Trying to do too much

Even though it’s good to utilize as many social media channels as possible to get your content out there, however it can be a costly mistake to try to cover too many channels at once as it can stretch your business’s content too thin. Since some marketers, tend to launch their channel in the new platforms and publish a few times and let it die off due to lack of time or resources to commit.

Instead of choosing all the social media platform, business should start with only a couple of platforms consistently and gain an audiences bases before branching out to the next plaforms.


7) Not Tracking Your Results

It might be a tedious process for many marketers however this is very critical part of content marketing as it can help you to be better equiped to make informed choices about how to market your content by knowing which content reasonate well with your audiences e.g. which platforms generate the most attention for the specific content.

It can be done through tracking analytics e.g. unique visitors, conversions and click-through rates and analysing the data regularly to learn about what will works and what doesn’t which can help to improve your startegy over time.

In total, content marketing can be a great tool to help establish your business’s brand and present it as a reliable source to your targeted customers and with all this common content marketing mistakes in mind, you’re already one step ahead to developing content marketing that can effectively represent and markets your brand.



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