Tips to deliver a successful sales pitch

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Today, effective sales pitch is a two way street. It is no longer a presentation to the buyer but a conversation where we listen to the buyer ask real question and offer a solution. Below are 4 tips to deliver a successful sales pitch


  1. Turn it to the audience

Do not think about what needs to be said or presented to the audience. Instead of spending time practicing your words, spend time practicing the outcome you want to achieve.

First, start a conversation with them and discover what the buyer needs. Everyone pitch differently. To close a deal, we need to deliver clearly on the product and service functions and how will it help the buyers. To know the buyer, knowing the company they work for and their budget is not sufficient. We need to dig deeper and really know who they are. Their core values, their beliefs, what do they look for, if they are a left brain or right brain thinker.

That is the trick to successfully appeal to the audience.


Knowing your buyer’s needs and wants. Their difficulty. Their problems. So we can provide them the best possible way.

But how does one achieve these kind of information about their buyer?

By asking questions.

Ask what their work is like, the circumstances, their frustration, their ambition. Do this until we understand what they care about and we know what they need. Then we are able to pitch and provide them with the most suitable resolution for them.


  1. Show your company’s value and worth

When creating an excellent sales pitch, include making the buyers precisely conscious of the value of your product or service brings to the organisation. For business to business products, this consist of generating profit, saving cost, reducing time, effort and risk.

For business to consumer products, it is more about acknowledging the consumer’s need. Like helping them with their social status, amusement, helping in establishing connections and personal growth.

Portray your company value and look for ways to connect with what they need.


3.Validate their fears and worries

It is very different from discussing your buyer’s difficulty and dilemma. This is more about eliminating any fear and worry they have about you. Every potential buyer is apprehensive about making a new purchase. Losing money is less of their worries but being fooled and making a bad purchase will be what they are concerned about. Supplying and assuring results to the potential buyer will ease their apprehension. Presenting to them alluring rates will attract the buyer into partnering with you. We advice listing down potential fears and worries your potential buyers may have and provide them with a resolution and ensuring them they will feel confident and comfortable about their purchase. Don’t list their fears and tell them not to worry.

Rather, change it into opportunities and relish them throughout your pitch and presentation to them.


4. Trust

Now that the interest, needs and worries is established and you’ve given assurance that you can indeed address their challenges,portray that your are willing to work for their trust. They need to realised that you can your company hold them in a high regard and will not abandoned them if they have a problem. This is how we gain trust during sales pitch cycle .



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