Revealing Principles Of Human Behaviour In Business

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Each of us bring our human nature to work regardless of title, expertise and organisation. To gain the trust of buyers and have a high performance team. Learning elements of human behaviour will help you gain the trust of your clients. Below are 4 revealing principles of human behaviour

  1. Cognitive biases

Cognitive biases is the way humans perceive things in a manner which deviates from the methodical steam of consciousness and the normal rationality and judgements.

When meeting people for the first time, we tend to ask leading questions that will ratify our stereotype about the person. But such conjecture and biasness is a social skills instinct and gives us an advantage to establish a connection with the other.

These biasness affect belief formation, business and economic decision in general

  1. Influencing social proof in marketing effort

Having an ideology similar to a company’s environment helps structure a good consumer base. Strong social proof for the company is more about having a strong influence on the consumer. An environmental research from the Washington post discovered when trying to get the audience to save energy and electricity, the most effective way to convince the audience is by showing them that 70% of their neighbours are already saving energy in comparison to telling them saving energy will reduce their electric bills, green-house gasses or telling them it’s a socially responsible thing to do.

A company’s social proof should be placed evidently at the most essential sales and landing page.


  1. Verbatim Effect

Consumer will remember the gist about the goods and services of a company instead of the details. They spent an average of less than 15 seconds on a website and will roughly only remember the headlines. It is therefore, extremely critical to have an interesting eye catching headline. Not only should be easily searchable, but it should be precise description of the content.

  1. The Recency illusion

The Recency illusion is described as remembering an item best when it is at the end of the list. This is connected to the primacy effect, remembering something because it comes first in the list. When trying to memorise word list , there will be the a start, a very long middle that discolours together and the end. The primacy effect is the start, we remember it because that is where it begins. The recency effect is the end, we remember it because it is the last in the sequence.

It brings into play in human interaction too, looking at the dynamics of human relationships,  we would remember the beginning of the relationship (the excitement) and we will remember how it ends.

The reason why Recency illusion works, because during these moments, our emotions are elevated and heightened, we remember the beginning and ending more promptly.

Looking at how we can put this into use with customers, gives us a perceptivity on the quality of relationship we can have with them. If there is a lack of communication with your customer and it has been a long time since we contact to them, this quality of communication will be cemented in their mind. They will have a perception that you don’t value or do not care about their their business relation. Being conscious about how we start our relation with our customers  and how we sustain it afterwards makes a differences to the customer’s loyalty and maintaining business and relation

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